Uniquely Designed by Esther Walla

Unique, Handcrafted Jewelry

Based in Everett, Washington, I design my unique pieces of wire-wrapped jewelry to reflect who you are and enhance what you’re wearing. As I work I reflect on people I have met, allowing the pendants and earrings to ‘design themselves’ around personalities. Some pieces seem to flow together in harmony of color and shape, while others make a bold statement… bright, unusual, and daring.

I use semi-precious stones, polished into smooth, organic shapes, glass swirled through with color, luminous pearls, elegant beads, and silver to create my pieces. 

You can find my unique pieces online, at shows, festivals, and in private home parties.  I love that moment when someone finds a piece that feels made for them!

Check back for new designs, as I am constantly coming up with new ideas for pendants and earrings.  Interested in custom? I’m happy to develop a new piece with input from my customer. 

A few of Marta Howell’s one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces will be available at my Home for the Holidays booth this year. A talented designer of unusual jewelry, she inspired my work. Come early for the best selection!