Riley's Spice of Life

Fast, Fresh, and Tasty - Riley’s Spice of Life!

Three years ago my husband and I retired from our jobs, bought an RV and set out to see the U.S. We wanted the carefree existence of the ‘life of Riley’ but knew a little side money from a product we love would make all the difference. We now have our own line of dehydrated seasonings for salsa, chili, rubs, and more, including the mix for our Bloody Mary recipe with big, explosive flavors.

Free of MSG, preservative, and gluten, Riley’s Spice products are mixed fresh and full of flavor. They cost less than bottled alternatives and let you make fresh salsa, tasty chili, or Ultimate Bloody Mary’s fast.

Riley’s Spice of Life Salsa seasoning breathes new life into South of the border style foods like taco meat, burrito filling, or fajitas. Our mixes enhance soups, dips, meatloaf, and hamburgers. Enjoy it in dishes like prawns and hot butter, as a seasoning for corn on the cobb, or with hash-browns and scrambled eggs. Browse our products and view recipes!

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